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License & Warranty

The following content is the software authorization and warranty policy of URMAZI Networks Inc. (hereafter “URMAZI”), which also serves as an agreement between you and URMAZI. However, if the authorization letter that came with the software has special terms or conditions that conflict with the following content, the content of the special terms shall prevail.

What is Software Licensing

  1. The purchase of software refers to the purchase of a license to use the software, not the property rights or ownership in or to the software.
  2. Once you have purchased the software, you may use the software within the scope of your license.

Software License Subjects

  1. This policy shall apply to the following product(s):

    iSafer  an enterprise Domain Name System solution that offers standard query services, such as DNS over UDP, TCP, TLS and HTTPS, as well as special features like DNSSEC validation, DDoS protection, Response Rate Limit control, SafeSearch, in addition to other advanced functions related to DNS security.

Licensing Information

  1. License scope shall be based on the license type selected during purchase of the software. The license should clearly state the following:
  • The authorized company name: Company name of entity where the license will be applied.
  • The licensed device: Must be a single appliance or virtual device.
  1. The term “authorized company name” refers to the name of one single legal entity. The authorized company name cannot be changed once the registration is initiated.
  • To preserve the entity’s legal rights, as well as serve as the basis for future identification, the company name must be the officially registered name of the entity for business or tax purposes.
  • When a system reset, an upgrade, or an after-sales service requires a change in authorization, customer service personnel may request proof of registration, if necessary.
  1. Within the license, the term “single device” is not limited to physical hardware. For devices using hard disk partitions, an individual disk partition is considered as a single device. For devices using virtualization, each virtual host is considered as a single device.
  2. In addition to the limits mentioned in the license, the software may impose additional restrictions on features, number of connections, and number of users, depending on the license type.

Product Activation

  1. Activation enables the software to be used in authorized units and devices.
  2. Activation methods include automatic or/and manual activation.
  3. During startup, the software sends information about the software and the device to URMAZI. Information sent includes the software version, license version, language and product key, the IP address of the device, and information derived from the hardware settings of the device.
  4. Manual activation requires you to send required authorization information by email to the company representative ( to obtain a product activation key, which must then be manually uploaded to your device.

Data Retention

  1. Your is proof of your legal right to use the software. Keep it in a safe place. If the software license is accidentally lost, no replacement will be issued.
  2. If the software license key is lost, stolen due to improper storage, or becomes known to others resulting in violations to your usage and license rights, you bear sole responsibility for the loss of the software license key.
  3. You must keep backup copies of all software and registration information. URMAZI does not guarantee keeping your registration information and old versions of software “forever”.
  4. The software license key must be installed on the device within 7 days after purchase. If not successfully installed on the device within this period, the software license key will be considered invalid. URMAZI does not guarantee that the software key will be valid “forever”.

Duration of Authorization

Once you obtain a valid software license from URMAZI and complete the product activation within 7 days, you are allowed , subject to the same license conditions.

Software Warranty

  1. After obtaining a software license, URMAZI provides a one-year warranty against software defects, and a one-year priority warranty service (“Priority Warranty” or “Warranty” service) from the software activation date.
  2. During the warranty period, URMAZI will maintain and update the software for any code defects.
  3. For software versions that have reached end-of-life but still within the warranty period, URMAZI can be contracted to maintain and correct code defects of the software on a case-to-case basis or provide the user with a free upgrade to a newer version.
  4. The free software upgrade warranty may not be extended for this reason.
  5. Customized and project-developed software shall be subject to contract agreements.

Software Upgrades

  1. During the warranty period, URMAZI shall provide regular enhancements to the core software:
    • Software update” shall refer to downloadable files that apply incremental changes in the software to fix code defects, or to add and adjust selected features. URMAZI provides update files that users can download and use to update the software by themselves.
    • Software upgrade” shall refer to a new product launch from the same series of products, which can be attributed to software life cycle, changes in feature requirements, or structural adjustments. After a new version is released, URMAZI will provide a free or preferential upgrade plan for a limited period, based on the version of the software to be upgraded, the warranty status of the customer, and the date of purchase.

  2. Software updates do not affect licensing.
  3. The warranty period for software upgrades will not be extended. If you need to extend the warranty, you need to purchase a warranty contract separately.

Technical Support

  1. After obtaining a valid software license, you can use the after-sales technical support service provided by URMAZI.
  2. After-sales technical support service channels include:
    • Online forum
    • Email
    • Ticket support platform
  3. The software is provided “as is”. URMAZI reserves the right to support older versions, depending on the situation.

Warranty Renewal

For maximum protection against the latest threats, services offered by URMAZI require regular updates to its core components. Once the warranty period has expired, the product will remain operational but will no longer receive updates.

To minimize service interruptions, renew the warranty before expiration. After renewal is complete, you become eligible for all updates released 1 year after the renewal date.

By default, the renewal date will be equal to the expiration date of the original warranty, but may be adjusted (backdated) under the following conditions:

  • If the previous warranty had already expired for 6 months or longer, the renewal date will be backdated to 6 months in the past.
  • If the user upgrades to a different license type, the renewal date is the activation date. In this case, the renewal is not backdated.

Policy Changes

URMAZI reserves the right to adapt the Software Authorization & Warranty Policy document without prior notice, to ensure that it always complies with current legal requirements, or when major changes to the service are implemented.