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"DNS" More Than a Service
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What are the impacts of DNS
on an organization?

Remote Associate Access

Unsecured environment accesss at endpoints increase threat levels in hybrid work mode.

Targeted Cyberattacks

Cybercriminals deploy DNS-based attacks to disrupt operations and steal data, directly impacting business outcomes.

Shadow IT

In order to bypass perceived or actual limitations by the IT department to work around, often introduces security issues.

IoT Deployment

The security flaws of connected IoT devices can easily become threat weapons exploited by attack actors.

Knowing Your DNS Activities

All online services rely on the most important network infrastructure component – Domain Name System (DNS) – which is the communication protocol that translates easily memorable enterprise domain names or service URLs into system host IP addresses.

Mobile internet-connected devices have improved the applications and services, no longer confined to a specific location or time to meet the actual needs of users, such as online information search, shopping, v-conferencing, e-learning, online banking, gaming, cloud storage, telemedicine, IoT control, online reading or applying personal certificates, and countless digital applications.

Obviously, the domain name system is an indispensable core role for enterprise or institutional service networking; internet services also depend on the normal operation of the domain name system to achieve their goals. Properly utilizing the features of the domain name system can not only optimize the quality and efficiency of various services but also enhance competitiveness and create higher value.

How iSafer Helps Organizations

2023 Global DNS Threats Report

Average cost of an attack


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Awareness of DNS security is critical


Data theft via DNS attacks

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Of malware actors are using DNS to develop their attack

More Information on DNS Security

What are the impacts of DNS
on an organization?

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