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In today’s highly connected environment, corporate networks are constantly exposed to frequent attacks that often result in severe losses. With its unparalleled speed and effectiveness against attacks, DNS security is essential as the first line of defense within enterprise networks. 

URMAZI’s vision is to use its unique knowledge in DNS technology – backed by a shared global database – in assisting enterprises to significantly strengthen their network defenses and insights in the simplest way possible. This not only ensures a secure online service for the enterprise, but also guarantees safety for its customers as well. 

Core Values


URMAZI is a leader in DNS solutions. Our proprietary threat detection modules, intelligence analysis capabilities, and user-friendly controls enable network administrators to manage DNS services more efficiently and securely.  

Research Lab

We have an independent research laboratory that collects and analyzes global real-time DNS threat intelligence, to ensure that our customers gain the most up-to-date and effective internet access protection.  


We innovate based on our users’ insights on current issues in DNS solutions targeted towards network security environments. Their feedback, suggestions, and pain points guide us in continuously enhancing the effectiveness of our DNS products and services.  

Coding Skill Set


URMAZI is seeking individuals with exceptional skills and ideas to revolutionize the business world. Join us and transform your ideas into impactful solutions. If you’re driven, creative, and thrive in a diverse environment, apply now and unleash your potential with URMAZI.