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iResponder (For OEM)

WAN Link Load Balancing Gateway

The Concept of WAN Link LoadBalance

WAN Link Load Balancing is the practice of distributing network traffic across multiple Wide Area Network (WAN) connections to optimize bandwidth usage and ensure efficient data transmission. It provides redundancy, minimizes downtime, and enhances network performance. Advantages for organizations in IT services include improved reliability, increased speed, optimized resource utilization, and better user experience.

iResponder - Connectivity No Boundary

Introducing our state-of-the-art WAN Link Load Balancing solution – iResponder, the technology empowers your organization with the ability to harness multiple WAN connections efficiently, distributing traffic intelligently to eliminate bottlenecks and ensure continuous data flow. Our innovative algorithms dynamically analyze the traffic load and seamlessly distribute it across available links, preventing any one link from becoming overwhelmed. Optimizing bandwidth utilization and ensuring uninterrupted access to mission-critical applications and services.

How It Works for Your Network Services

Stable and high-quality connectivity for key services is an essential element in the expansion of corporate business. Ensuring secure connections between branch and the headquarter is also crucial to prevent the theft of operational secrets during transmission. The iResponder system is built upon this need as its fundamental function, assisting IT in consolidating multiple WAN links and establishing encrypted virtual connections with varying bandwidths between different physical offices. This enhances the rate, stability, and quality of WAN traffic delivery.

iResponder integrated & combining with advanced network management features like:

  • Link condition monitor and failover detection.
  • Application traffic load balancing by WAN links.
  • Policy Based Routing to optimized data access.
  • QoS for application traffic by IPs, Groups, FQDNs and Geographic regions.
  • Fault Tolerance and High Availability.

This comprehensive suite of features ensures that network connections align with an organization’s security standards, enabling efficient and secure data transmission.

Key Technical Advantages

Application Identification

Leverage deep packet inspection to identify more than 5600+ type of applications and 50+ URL categories can be recognized.

AAA Integration

Support for AD, Radius, LDAP, POP and local authentication.


By employing routing points and logical networks, you can establish and design network connections between physical offices via the management plane’s perspective.

Dynamic Load Distribution

Implement load balancing algorithms that dynamically distribute traffic across WAN links based on application priorities.

Real-time Monitoring

Web dashboard always gives a quick view of link performance and application traffic.

Statistics Reports and Historical Logs

Retains tracking traces for network security audits, complying with cybersecurity regulations.Enhancing visibility and control over bandwidth flow.