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iEqualizer (For OEM)

Application & Bandwidth Control Gateway

Needs of Network Bandwidth Control

Network Bandwidth Control is the practice of regulating and managing the amount of data that can be transmitted over a network connection. It allows organizations to prioritize and allocate bandwidth resources to different applications, users, or devices, ensuring efficient and fair usage. This helps in optimizing network performance, minimizing congestion, enhancing user experience, and maintaining critical services’ reliability within an organization’s IT infrastructure.

iEqualizer – Unlock Seamless Performance with Application Bandwidth Control

In today’s dynamic business landscape, where every second counts, ensuring optimal data flow for critical applications is non-negotiable. Our advanced iEqualizer solution empowers your organization to take full control over network resources, intelligently prioritizing bandwidth allocation based on application needs.

Say goodbye to frustrating lags and bottlenecks that hinder productivity. With our solution, you dictate the flow. Whether it’s mission-critical video conferencing, data-intensive cloud services, or latency-sensitive applications, the iEqualizer ensures that your network adapts in real time. By dynamically adjusting bandwidth distribution, we pave the way for seamless multitasking, smoother collaboration, and enhanced user satisfaction.

This How iEqualizer Works

In today’s environment of diverse connectivity needs across various personal devices, the efficient allocation of limited bandwidth resources to align with organizational objectives is crucial. Preparing for critical applications and services necessitates comprehensive understanding of network traffic stemming from users, devices, applications, and security. Only with this knowledge can effective control policies be established, presenting IT departments with increasingly complex challenges.

To address these issues, the iEqualizer system utilizes DPI technology to recognize diverse applications. It ensures the smooth performance of critical or specific applications by prioritizing their bandwidth while also curbing unnecessary application traffic that could impact organizational network services. Simultaneously, it integrates AAA authentication mechanisms, identifying and binding source device connections with user authorization levels and security policies. It also effectively isolates temporary guest connections from the organizational network, ensuring security and service efficiency.

Raising Your Bandwidth Visibility

Through iEqualizer’s built-in reporting system, IT departments gain access to real-time and historical traffic statistics, aiding in compliance with cybersecurity regulations through comprehensive behavioral auditing. The hierarchical data structure interface significantly simplifies the retrieval and comparison of related information. It also generates periodic statistical reports for policy adjustments, enhancing visibility and control over bandwidth flow.

Key Technical Advantages

Traffic Analysis

Embedded DPI(Deep Packet Inspection) technology to analysis and identify application-specific traffic patterns.

Quality of Service (QoS)

The multi-layer QoS policies on iEqualizer to prioritize and allocate bandwidth based on application requirements.

Bandwidth Allocation

Flexible to set limits and priorities or even guarantee for specific application bandwidth usage to meet organization business requirements.

Adaptive Algorithms

We use adaptive algorithms to automatically adjust bandwidth based on changing network conditions and application demands.

Authentication Integration

Diverse integration of access authentication mechanisms (AD, POP, LDAP, RADIUS) along with host binding policies, to ensure precise management of application traffic.

Real-time Monitoring

Web-based GUI continuously monitors application traffic and generates analysis reports helping IT administrator for depth application & bandwidth visibility.